July 8th, 2014

Monte Carlo: Days 3 & 4

Sooo… I am now in Monte Carlo, Monaco until the middle of August. I’m performing in the house band of the Monte-Carlo Summer Sporting Festival. We’ll be opening for an unbelievable slew of artists like: Lana Del Rey, Kevin Costner, Robin Thicke, Paolo Nutini, Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, Marcus Miller & Joe Satriani, The Jacksons, Elton John, Paul Anka, Boy George, Bryan Adams, Gipsy Kings, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Tom Jones and more! I’ll be chronicling the adventures here when I can! The band is: me (guitar), Justin Caldwell (lead vocals, guitar, percussion), Erin McCarley (lead vocals, guitar, percussion), Ian Miller (keyboards), Taylor Jones (bass) and Lee Holland (drums, percussion, guitar).

Day 3

Taylor, Justin and I attempted to pay homage to our homeland by eating at an awful American-themed restaurant on July 4th. We didn’t know it was awful at the time, of course. But I assure you it was. Did you know that you should cook hot dogs for best results? Because French people don’t. Bien cuit is my new catchphrase here.

(Taylor is happy because this was taken before we ate.)

We perused the yacht selection for a bit before deciding that none of them were big enough for us and moving on.

(Yacht shopping)

(Tailor-made for me)

After that little adventure, we got cleaned up and went to the venue for our first show! We played pretty well. The audience was indifferent but polite (which is apparently going to be the theme here since we’re playing during their dinner). Fireworks began right after our last note (as the curtain closed, sadly) then we went out into the audience and watched Lana Del Rey’s show! Cool video/light show and good band!

I even got a quick shot of the retractable roof! (Apologies for the bad lighting and vertical framing, I had to act fast!)

Day 4

On Day 4 we got to open for Kevin Costner, which was a trip. After soundcheck, the man himself and some of his crew came over and chatted with us for a few minutes. It was very surreal, but he seemed like a genuinely nice dude and many of his band members were from Nashville!

(Talkin' with Keb.)

(Posin' with Keb.)

The crowd was much more receptive on this night. They were listening and applauding and everything. It’s funny how much that helps!

After the gig we went out to the square outside of the casino (yes, THAT casino). There was a public party with a fun cover band that wore kilts. Wee!

NEXT: Day off then Robin Thicke!