July 20th, 2015

Monaco Journal July 19: Royal Thai, Magic Mike & MIKA

Well, friends, I am in Monaco until the middle of August. I’m back for a 2nd year, performing in the house band of the Monte-Carlo Summer Sporting Festival. We’ll be opening for an unbelievable slew of artists like: Santana, Sting, George Benson, George Ezra, Anastacia, Enrique Iglesias and more! I’ll be chronicling the adventures here when I can! The band is: me (guitar), Justin Caldwell (lead vocals, guitar, percussion), Courtney Jaye (lead vocals, guitar, percussion), Ian Miller (keyboards), Taylor Jones (bass) and Ross McReynolds (drums, percussion). Follow me on Instagram or Twitter for more timely posts.

July 19: Royal Thai, Magic Mike & MIKA

We had our first full day off yesterday and it was as magical as expected. I had a pretty normal evening before just doing a little reading and TV watching after the show. The other fellas will have to fill you in on their adventures with the Blues Brothers cast. Seems like there was some late night/early morning revelry. And you all know by now how I feel about revelry.

Old Man Phillips says “Tsk.”

I made myself a tasty pasta lunch (still can’t get over that kitchen!) and then tried my hand at some songwriting. It’s been a while and I’m a little rusty, but we’ll see if anything useful comes out of it.

Courtney, Taylor, Justin and I went out for some tasty dinner at Royal Thai where we all shared the the stories of our respective evenings. “I finished reading Jurassic Park, you guys! I actually like the movie way better!” I said, sparking much dinner table controversy. Ian and Ross decided to stay in and be productive and frugal or something. Kids!

After the delicious meal (Panang Curry!), the four of us went up to the Monaco Open Air Cinema. I neglected to take a picture this time, but here’s what it looks like from last year’s snap.

Really cool place to take in a flick. …even if that flick is Magic Mike XXL… I never saw the first one, so I had no true barometer on whether I’d like the movie or not but I had a feeling I would not. That Chans Tates is alright. Seems like a charming fellow. The movie was OK, honestly. Courtney opted for a more expensive, comfier chair, so the three of us dudes ended up watching the movie together. BUT I DON’T BUY INTO YOUR HETERONORMATIVE STEREOTYPES so it was fine. There was a fair amount of barely-clothes-thrusting-into-faces which was slightly uncomfortable.

We were all talking after the movie (Courtney, Taylor, Justin and I, not Channing Tatum, he wasn’t there.) and we noted how it was funny how a movie about male strippers still managed to objectify women just as much if not more than men. Not to go all Internet Social Justice Warrior on ya, just a stray observation.

Moving on from Channing Tatum’s private parts… we also got some great news confirmed recently! The band has been asked to stay a few extra days and open for MIKA at the Casino Square on August 19th! Many of you may not be familiar with Mika, but he is one of my favorite pop artists of the decade thus far so I am beyond pumped! This will be another opportunity for us to actually turn up and perform like a band too!

One of my favorite Mika tunes:

Lauren’s favorite:

She said she promises she’s not sending me a secret message with her love for this song.

Tonight is George Benson and we’re all pretty pumped! À tout à l'heure, mes amis!