January 13th, 2015

Your Inner Child Is An Idiot - episode 1

My good pal Damon Xanthoupolos (creator of the excellent Drewford comic strip, not to mention the artist behind the ‘deej’ trilogy here, here and here.) and I have started a podcast to re-experience things we liked as kids and… basically make fun of them.

Episode 1 is up now on Soundcloud! Feed will be live in iTunes this week!

January 11th, 2015

Tiny Desk Contest

NPR Music is hosting an open contest to get a Tiny Desk Concert, so I made a thing. Thanks to Rich Brinsfield (bass), Lee Holland (percussion) and Justin Caldwell (camera provider) for helping to make it happen. We recorded a couple other tunes, so I’ll post those as I get them edited!

December 16th, 2014

Feeling Twisted?

Merry Twistmas, everybody!

Twisted, the final installment of my Happy, Sad and Twisted trilogy is here!

This has been a weird and guitar-y labor of love that I couldn’t have completed without my pal Vince Romanelli bashing drums like a caveman and gliding faders like a true artisan. This record was mostly a two-man operation and I truly appreciate having his talent, ideas and DoritosĀ® by my side.

Many thanks to Joshua Reynolds for lending his golden ears and coffee-fueled reverberations to the party as well.

And this would be a nearly silent record without the pulse-pounding drum-work of Dave Racine, the bombastic bass playing of Rich Brinsfield and the ivory-tickling prowess of Reed Pittman, Hans Nelson and Mason Embry. If I could make music with these guys every day of my life, I totally would. Even Boxing Day.

My platinum-throated pals Ryan Greenawalt, Michael Shoup and Kenny Foster lent their vocals to “Hallelujah” and McCoy Gibbs even played marching tenors on “Just the Way I Am”. HOW HAVE YOU NOT ALREADY PURCHASED THIS ALBUM AND GIFTED IT TO ALL OF YOUR LOVED ONES?

October 23rd, 2014

Let's Go Music Video

It’s finally here! Thanks to all the people that worked so hard to make this video happen: director Jeff Wyatt Wilson, actress Britt Ronstadt, special consultant/props master Carrie Lorene and Justin Caldwell for lending me equipment!